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Move with the ARROW keys, hold a crate with SPACEBAR, Shoot a crate with LEFT CTRL.
Quit a level of fullscreen mode with ESC.
SokobanCoon changes into SokoRaccoon!
This change happens because the second meaning of "Coon" in North America is quite rude.
In order to avoid angering of North American players we changed our game’s name into SokoRaccoon.
This update will take time, thank you for understanding.
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Sokoban Coon is an original idea of DJINGAREY, programmed by Mickaël LEHAY aka Mykado and Pitou!, Music composed by K4ZE. Spanish translation made by Teisseire Pauline, translator and spanish teacher. Chinese translation made by You (Ken) Guangjian.
Sokoban Coon's logo and the characters Talak, Mango and Toutanrâton belongs to Djingarey. Minimum screen width size : 1280px.
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